Police investigate video showing carer ‘mocking elderly care home resident’

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A video allegedly showing an elderly care home resident being taunted by a care home worker is being investigated by police.

The footage, which is believed to have been filmed in May 2018, appears to show the woman at the unnamed home asking an elderly man if he had gay tendencies. The carer is also heard threatening to take the man’s walking stick away and put him in a frilly dress, Lincolnshire Live reported.

The emergence of the video led to action by Lincolnshire County Council’s safeguarding team to ensure the safety of residents at the home.

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A Lincolnshire Police spokesperson said: “A woman attended a voluntary police interview earlier last week. No one has been arrested and our investigation is ongoing.”

A spokesman for the home added: “Whilst we understand the allegations relate to a period prior to our ownership, we are fully committed to support everyone living at the home.

“We will work tirelessly with the authorities to ensure that our residents remain safe and to achieve the right outcome for all involved.”

Jayne Connery, Director of Care Campaign For The Vulnerable, told CHP the strongest penalties, including custodial sentences and bans from care, had to be handed out to people abusing vulnerable residents.

The campaigner added: “We have to get behind supporting CCTV safety monitoring in all care homes to deter such bad practice and to help protect and safeguard our most vulnerable in care and our dedicated care staff.  It’s up to  care providers and the government, who are still sitting on the fence, to determine whether keeping residents and staff safe is their number one priority.”

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  1. MANDATORY SAFETY MONITORING is a necessity, and we need it sooner than later. Care homes should offer a secure place for a relative to stay, with someone on hand night and day to respond to emergencies. To give them comfort and safety. The stress clearly showing in this mans voice and posture is heart breaking . We must support safety monitoring in care homes to keep our vulnerable safe .and we need to do it now, Today not Tomorrow, Lets stand together and stop this abuse now,

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