The road to Outstanding (2)

A new podcast aims to share best practice and help care home providers achieve Outstanding.

‘The Road to Outstanding’ hosted by Sophie Coulthard asks care managers how they achieved Outstanding and what lessons they have learnt along the way.

“The idea originally came from an Outstanding rated manager I know who said she’d never been asked to share her experiences before,” Sophie said.

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“Hearing someone who is doing the job tell their story and also talk about the human aspect of trying to switch off after work or how they celebrate success has really resonated with the listeners.”

Featured managers have included Julia Clinton from Sonnet Care Homes who spoke about the challenge she faced when she took the post and found the home the subject of some very negative media attention.

She discussed with Sophie how she changed the culture and went on to enter and win numerous care awards after turning things around.

The podcast also features industry experts covering subjects such as facebook marketing, PR and selection and development, with the aim of sharing key strategies people can listen to and then implement into their own company.

“I’m a big fan of podcasts as I like to listen on my commute, and I thought the same for people working in care,” Sophie said.

“Each episode is quite relaxed and chatty, so it makes an easy listen, and I’ve had tweets from people saying they’ve chuckled at some of the stories they’ve heard, but that it’s also given them ideas for in their own company.”

You can access Sophie’s podcast at iTunes, either online or via the iTunes podcast app, or PodBean, either online or via the PodBean free app.

Otherwise search ‘The Road To Outstanding’ on Google or iTunes. You can also find out news, episode info and learn how to enquire about being a guest on Twitter @CarePodcast.

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