PM’s care home comments a ‘slap in the face’ for carers


Prime Minister Boris Johnson has come in for fierce criticism after saying too many care homes had not followed the correct procedures during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Mr Johnson was speaking to the BBC in response to Sir Simon Stevens’ call for social care reform within a year.

He said: “We discovered too many care homes didn’t really follow the procedures in a way that they could have but we’re learning lessons the whole time.”

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Vic Rayner, executive director of the National Care Forum, said the PM’s comments were “neither accurate nor welcome”.

Mike Padgham, chair of the Independent Care Group, said the PM’s comments were a “slap in the face for those workers after they have given and sacrificed so much” during the pandemic.

Mike added: “We hope he will reflect on those comments and see the incredible work the care sector has done in the recent months to care for older and vulnerable people, with late and conflicting advice and poor support in terms of PPE and testing during this awful pandemic. And we hope it will spur him into long-promised action to reform the sector and end the crisis in social care which left us so vulnerable to a virus like COVID-19.”

Jonathan Cunningham, registered care manager of Birkdale Park Nursing Home and Rosebank Care Home, said the PM’s remarks were a “kick in the teeth” for carers.

“Words completely escape me but it came as no great surprise as we were waiting for the abrogation of responsibility.

“To even imply that care homes themselves were in some way responsible for the scale of the over 20,000 deaths in social care alone is just utterly shocking.”

A No 10 spokesperson told us: “Throughout this crisis care homes have done a brilliant job under very difficult circumstances.

“The PM was pointing out that nobody knew what the correct procedures were because the extent of asymptomatic transmission was not known at the time.”


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  1. I am a Registered Manager of a care home on Merseyside,, I am disgusted in our Primeminister . Why does he always put the blame on everyone else. Care homes were left to there own devices, Boris Johnson and his team havent helped us at all. Lie after Lie after Lie. .
    I Myself have worked hard along with all my marvelous staff I myself locked our home down two weeks before , not because we were asked to . it was because i could see the dangers and risks. The Government have give no help to me personally. or to the home that i run. For Boris Johnson to say that we never done things right is an insult to all our intelligence.. It is degrading , especially when we have worked through the difficult times., and we are and, have been from the beginning COVID 19 free. . I had to beg for the test kits, , time and time again.. YET on the 5. o clock briefing it was said that we had help from the beginning , i was fuming having my tea watching the lies off Matt Hancock, Health secretary , pure disgrace. I now think there is a BIG HUGE APOLOGY needed for all hard working social Care, and all care homes.,, some who have been put in a terrible position of receiving Covid 19 patients from hospital untested, really bad management . and uncaring to carestaff and in particular the residents.

    Also a apology is needed now for Boris opening up Public houses and causing another spike of covid 19. some pubs around the country have now had to shut and isolate. I totally blame Boris Johnson
    I am a Registered Manager of a Home in Maghull. Merseyside. You should think of the consequences before you speak.. How dare you blame us and make a mockery of the care system,
    very annoyed Registered Manager

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