PM says care home experience must improve

Theresa May Visits A Manufacturing Workshop

Prime Minister Theresa May has said the experience of elderly people in care homes must improve.

During an interview following an ITV investigation, Ms May said the governnent was putting “billions” into providing better care.

She said: “We have made it more possible for councils to raise money through the social care precept which is available to them and if you put that together with the Better Care Fund then it is going to several billion pounds extra going into social care across the country.

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“Also we need to improve the experience of people in relation to social care. We’re the first government to do a more joined up approach between health and social care to ensure that people are getting the quality and care that they need.”

The Prime Minister’s intervention comes amidst increasing calls for greater investment in care provision in the UK in order to meet the growing needs of an ageing population.

Anchor chief executive Jane Ashcroft recently told Care Home Professional that a new long term funding model was required to adequately finance future care provision (see Anchor CEO calls for new care funding model).

Ms Aschroft held up Australia’s bond financing model where people pay up front for their future care as a possible model to follow.

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  1. Cqc think it’s acceptable for a person capable of independent living to rely on staff to be able to get a drink of water. After the complaint was logged about a care home flat was not suitable for a wheelchair user (kitchen area and plug sockets are out of reach) whose independence is supposed to be promoted they thought it acceptable that the resident has to rely on staff by ringing the buzzer to do the washing up and to get a drink of water amongst other things.

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