PM ‘made a mockery of grieving families’, campaigners say


Prime Minister Boris Johnson made a mockery of grieving families by attending a drinks party during lockdown, care campaigners have said.

The PM’s admission to Parliament yesterday sparked anger amongst families unable to hold the hand of their dying loved ones during lockdown.

Sharon Chalk, who was not able to see her mother when she died after she was transferred to her hospital from her care home, told the Care Campaign for the Vulnerable (CCFTV): “On hearing the news about our PM, I will never forgive the government for making a ‘mockery’ of my grief.”

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After being unable to see her mother following the first lockdown, Sharon was told she was declining fast and not eating.

Her request to be with her mother while wearing full PPE was declined due to lockdown ‘rules’ and her mother sadly passed away on 1 May 2020.

CCFTV director Jayne Connery said: “CCFTV feels utter heartache for all the families that sacrificed so much to help keep vulnerable people safe during the start of the lockdown.

“We now know our PM Boris Johnson admitted to attending the ‘garden party’ at 10 Downing Street in May last year, telling us what we already know and that’s one rule for them and another one for the rest of us. The government officials who endorsed this and attended this supposedly work jolly whilst the rest of the country couldn’t hold the hand of their dying friends and relatives, should not only hang their heads in shame but should resign.”

Mike Padgham, chair of The Independent Care Group (ICG), said the country needed to trust the Prime Minister to deliver care.

“I think the questions being raised about the Prime Minister at the moment are ones of trust and that is a vital quality that the country must have in its leaders,” Mike said.

“It would be very hard to explain to the families of people living in care why they had to obey the rules and not visit or be with loved ones during the pandemic, if those in power did not obey the same rules.

“And of course we must trust in their integrity and must be able to trust that they are going to deliver the services that we, as a country, need.

“If there are questions about the Prime Minister, one of them has to be about his promise to reform social care, which has not been done.

“And if there are scandals to be exposed and addressed, then, again, one of them should be the 1.5m people who in 2022 can’t get the care they need to enjoy a decent quality of life.”

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