Plexus Innovation establishes ‘new normal’ with compliance data solution


Plexus Innovation shares how it is successfully rolling out its innovative GUARDIAN® technology across care homes in the UK, establishing a new normal in the way that compliance data is collected, handled and reported.

Plexus Innovation are technology solutions specialists rather than compliance experts. Our GUARDIAN® technology is focused on the capture and management of real time data, which enables compliance specialists to do their job more effectively and reduce risks. We work closely with our clients to ensure that we offer solutions that are in line with and in most cases, exceed the requirements of current regulations. Data storage, management and security are key elements of this service.

GUARDIAN® is a remote, automated measurement and alert system that focuses on environmental data, including temperature. Monitoring in real time, it reduces the risk of legionella and enables the temperature of water and refrigeration units to be effectively managed to protect health. The technology comprises a combination of hardware, including remote monitoring software that records and manages the data. We have recently added the ability for the client to set up their own report and alert parameters. Frequency can be anywhere between 30 mins (particularly useful for identifying fridge doors left open or taps left running) and four weeks.

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Going forward, all care homes will need to be extra vigilant when it comes to compliance and focus on the health of their residents. GUARDIAN® remotely measures in real time, reducing risk from medical fridge and water system compliance issues by enabling early intervention by specialist staff.

GUARDIAN® reduces operational costs and the potential for human error in relation to compliance. At a time when nurses and care home staff need to focus on the residents even more than usual, GUARDIAN® frees up the staff to concentrate on care provision as it automatically detects operational issues that could otherwise lead to dispensed medication waste and undiagnosed water system problems, for example.

Case study

Plexus Innovation has forged links with Careline Lifestyles to take one of the job’s pressures off the nursing team at a time that is intense in the industry.

Ian Murray and Steve Todd, directors of Plexus Innovation, (pictured) are successfully rolling out its innovative GUARDIAN® technology. They were keen, during such unprecedented times, that a care company benefitted with no initial cost implications.

Plexus Innovation supplied training to Careline Lifestyle staff, enabling the user to simply plug in and activate the hardware in seconds, putting the data live onto the portal managed by the experienced team at Plexus Innovation. Provided initially for free, the arrangement covers all Careline Lifestyle’s homes across the North East.

GUARDIAN® is now monitoring all Careline’s medical fridges and ambient room temperatures, which must be kept at compliant levels.

Ian said: “GUARDIAN® is cost effective, reliable and reduces risk. We are delighted to be remotely monitoring for Careline, where lack of compliance can be of detriment to the people they care for.

“Previously these critical assets would be checked manually, which leaves room for human error when people are busy or under pressure. Using GUARDIAN® the nurses can get on with looking after the people in their care and not worry about this detail. Our system identifies compliance issues, enabling us to keep clients informed, saving time, effort and often money!

“Since the installation of GUARDIAN® technology, frequency of out of parameter events has reduced significantly and any failing fridges have been identified, enabling them to be replaced.”

Kirsty Nealis, Head of Care Delivery at Careline Lifestyles, said: “With the extra pressures brought about by COVID-19 we couldn’t be more grateful for this GUARDIAN® helping hand to ensure our compliance measurements are done quickly, properly and even better, remotely.

“We are always looking at innovative new ways to improve our services which frees up staff, allowing them more time to support our residence.

“Thank you to Ian and Steve of Plexus Innovation for the free installation and remote monitoring over these first few months of a new and trying challenge!”

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