Person Centred Software recognised as ‘quality partner’ by professional standards body

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Person Centred Software has secured assurance from the Professional Record Standards Body (PRSB) as a Quality Partner.

The industry supplier has been recognised by PRSB as demonstrating leadership in standard implementation – highlighting the company’s commitment to best practice and convergence with user-led standards for better care.

The PRSB Quality Partnership Scheme connects the PRSB with digital software system suppliers that develop and implement standards for health and social care.

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The assurance evidences Person Centred Software’s ability to provide the foundations for interoperability, allowing health and social care records to be accessed by the right people, in the right place, at the right time.

It also makes Person Centred Software one of the first digital care planning providers to have successfully gone through an assessment process to demonstrate a good level of conformance with PRSB’s quality standards.

Andrew Coles, head of Product at Person Centred Software said: “Person Centred Software is supporting the NHS defined standards for social care. Our involvement with NHS Digital’s Demonstrator and Pathfinder projects led us to be part of the working group with the PRSB to define new standards such as the Urgent Referral from Care Home to Hospital and About Me. As part of this process our existing Who I Am feature within Mobile Care Monitoring was used as a reference point for the About Me standard and already means care providers are capturing the information to meet the standard.”

“The About Me standard helps care providers capture the information to understand what is important to a person; this information, combined with our mobile digital care management system’s Who I Am feature, means that the care team know how best to support people they care for as well as having this information in the palm of their hand. Software providers should not only provide a solution that meets the data standard but they have a responsibility to provide solutions that enable this information to be used in an effective way that will drive the quality of care and improve lives.”

About Me is an important standard to ensure a continuity of care when a person transitions between health and social care settings, especially when they require the use of healthcare services that are not part of their day-to-day care.

Andrew added: “Going through the PRSB Quality Partner process has enabled us to make improvements to the product, by building in the prompts and guidance to providers and users to help them complete the About Me information so that not only are they holding the information defined in the standard; they are also given help on how to make sure the quality of the information is robust.”

“Our company’s objective is to improve the quality of care for residents and to enable a better journey for when they move between services. The PRSB Quality Partner assurance sends a strong signal to customers that we understand the importance of the drive for standard information flows and interoperability.”



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