People underestimating annual nursing home costs by £17,000, Which? reveals


People are underestimating annual nursing home costs by an average of £16,646, a Which? survey has revealed.

The findings follow a Which? report last year showing people underestimated annual care costs by £12,000.

More than half of people consulted (58%) underestimated the cost of a private nursing home in their region.

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One in ten underestimated the cost by £837 a week, or £43,500 a year.

Londoners underestimated their costs by an average of £33,748 – the biggest shortfall in the survey.

People in the East Midlands were the most realistic, underestimating by £152 each week.

The consumer choice charity shared LaingBuisson figures detailing average weekly nursing home fees and their increased on the last year.

The North-East (11.3%), Yorkshire & Humberside (10.9%) and the North-West (10.4%) saw the biggest increases in 2018-19. The East of England and South-East saw the smallest jumps of 7.7% and 7.9%, respectively (see table below).

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  1. Which? has a handy calculator that helps you find out the cost of care in your area, as well as your eligibility for local-authority support and funding options.

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