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EDITOR’S COMMENT: Care providers and families must work in partnership

EDITOR’S COMMENT: Care providers and families must work in partnership

The issue of how care homes work with relatives and deal professionally with disputes and other challenges is a very topical and highly emotive area.

OPINION: A two-tier sector

It’s been a month of contrasting fortunes for care home providers across the country as cost and regulatory pressures create an increasingly polarised two-tier sector.

OPINION: A small step in the right direction

Following Chancellor Philip Hammond’s Autumn Statement debacle, where social care didn’t even get a mention, the government has finally responded to the growing tsunami of warnings from care leaders, former ministers and healthcare leaders of an impending crisis.

OPINION: Underfunding: Has the penny dropped?

Following the CQC’s damning assessment of the state of the care home sector last month, there are signs that the penny is finally to begin to drop that we can’t go on like this.

My top five lessons, Rob Corder

Care Home Professional managing director Rob Corder shares the top five things he has learnt about the sector this year.

CORDERS COLUMN: Brexit will make business tougher for care home companies

CORDER’S COLUMN: Supply shortage certain to drive up local authority fees

Operators restricting supply for local authority-funded residents give them enormous power to set prices.

CORDER’S COLUMN: Old Labour New Danger

Labour Shadow Home Secretary wants the State to seize control of care homes

CORDERS COLUMN: Posh care homes fail to impress CQC inspectors

Large, luxury care homes are failing to impress Care Quality Commission inspectors.

CORDER’S COLUMN: BBC should take more care with scare stories