Nursing home fined following fire death


A Brookholme care home in Chesterfield has been fined £141,000 and ordered to pay costs of £73,000 following a fire which led to the death of a resident.

Evelyn Raywood died from her injuries after being rescued from the home in Hasland, which is run by Brookholme Croft Ltd, during the blaze in October 2013, the Derbyshire Times reported.

John Haynes, fire inspector for Derbyshire Fire and Rescue Service, said: “In this tragic case the company failed in their duty to provide a safe environment and as a result, residents were exposed to a very real risk of death and injury on the night of the fire.

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“It was only a matter of chance that the death toll was not much higher as there was no evacuation attempted by staff, who had erroneously been told to leave immobile residents in their room and await rescue by the fire service.

“This case will send a strong message to operators of care homes underlining their responsibility to ensure all residents can be safely evacuated in the event of fire.”

The blaze in the home was started by an electronic cigarette battery which had been left to charge.

Brookholme had inadequate fire safety provisions, which had been highlighted by Derbyshire Fire and Rescue Service in November 2012 and in May 2013.

The required improvements had not been fully implemented at the time of the fire. The home failed to carry out a fire risk assessment and identify inadequate evacuation provisions.

Other failures included a lack of evacuation equipment, insufficient staffing to evacuate residents requiring assistance, inadequate emergency lighting, staff training and emergency evacuation plans.


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  1. The care industry is getting a lot of bad press right now, surely it is not just down to the way the homes are managed by the individual companies,severe under funding is causing a lot of problems with the way the “care” industry is run , not only the industry itself suffers, due to extortionate prices residents and their families have to somehow come up with to cover the cost of their care,(these are the people who we are supposed to be supporting) not put at risk and taking “care” of , but there is only so much that a human being can do , the carers themselves are also at risk as much as the people we work for (our beautiful residents we do care ,thank you, just for being you,and for the pleasure i have had getting to know very little about you, but your character your smile has made my day worth going to work for)so as a whole due to severe under funding (our residents wealth), their homes being sold to help cover the cost of their “care”, their children left without inheritance of course their children would rather keep them forever but life takes it toll on us all , our government needs to pull it’s finger out and sort out our “care” system

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