Nourish care home management system creates its one millionth digital record

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More than one million care notes and records have now been created using the tablet and smart phone-optimised care management system from Nourish.

The company has calculated that, if each record had instead been created on paper, it would form a stack higher than the Statue of Liberty.

As well as recording notes on the go throughout the day on smart phones, Nourish also enables carers to communicate and make other members of the care team aware of events and alerts, create a complete log of all actions and activities, and download instant reports.

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Nuno Almeida, Founder and CEO of Nourish Care, comments: “The work carers do every single day is so important, yet does not always get the recognition it deserves. The figure of one million is a very real demonstration of the huge volume of information that carers need to record.

“This milestone also illustrates the power of a system that is used not just to store data, but to analyse it and extract it. Counting one million paper records would be an extraordinary task, yet the power of our system means we can clearly see just how hard carers work. Likewise care managers can extract exactly the data they need to ensure the smooth running and provision of high-quality, personalised care.”

Nourish isn’t just saving paper, more importantly it is saving time for carers who have more time to focus on face-to-face care.

Care managers have an instant audit trail because Nourish automatically captures where and when every single note was made, and by whom. Care managers can also produce reports showing exactly what they need to know with just a few clicks – for example details of a person’s diet over the past month or a list of the activities they have taken part in.

Anna Filsell, registered manager at Harbour House in Bridport, is a Nourish user who says care is improving thanks to the efficiency injected by using the system. “At the moment I think one-to-one resident interaction in our home has increased by 40 to 50%. Staff love the system and find it easy to use. Night staff have never been so well informed as they spend the evening reading all the day’s entries and are keen to update through the night.”

“In terms of archiving, Nourish has made a dramatic difference. The potential time saving with Nourish is huge and makes everything very easy. Letters, documents and emails are easy to read, locate and for staff to use. As a manager I can log in from home on my laptop, on my mobile phone or in the office from my computer at any time I want. I can always see what is going on, who is on duty and if there are any warnings or alerts that I need to react to or be aware of.

“Joined-up working practices (multidisciplinary team approaches) naturally occur with this system – it’s the nature of it. A phone call from any professional requiring a resident’s personal details is at the press of a button now – no more running up stairs, locating a file and then phoning back.”

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