Northern Ireland announces £500 bonus for health and social care workers

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Northern Ireland has followed the lead of Wales and Scotland in recognising the contribution of its health and social care staff during the pandemic with a £500 payment.

Health Minister Robin Swann said the payment would be subject to approval from the Department of Finance, the BBC reported.

The minister said: “There are no words to properly convey what health workers have done for us, we will never be able to repay that debt.”

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Northern Ireland’s Department of Health yesterday recorded 16 more coronavirus-related deaths, taking its toll to 1,779. A further 527 people tested positive for the virus in the past 24 hours.

The payment follows similar moves in Scotland and Wales and means England is now the only country in the UK to have not given its health and care staff a bonus in recognition of their contribution during the pandemic.

A Department of Health and Social Care spokesperson said: “The social care workforce more than ever demonstrates unwavering compassion and dedication. We are proud of and immensely grateful to them.

“The vast majority of care workers are employed by private sector providers who ultimately set their pay and remuneration, independent of central government. Local authorities work with care providers to determine a fair rate of pay based on local market conditions.

“This month, the Government announced an additional £120 million to support the social care workforce to provide additional care staff where shortages arise, support administrative tasks so experienced and skilled staff can focus on providing care, and help existing staff to take on additional hours if they wish with overtime payments or by covering childcare costs.”

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The author Lee Peart


      1. I’m baised in a Priory care home in Belfast. We’re now in May and still haven’t been told when were getting this bonus, or if we’re ever going to get it.!
        It’s upsetting that only certain care home are getting this bonus and others aren’t.

    1. We worked and still are working through Covid 19 we in a nursing home at the start were forgot about and experienced deaths of residents who we loved and cared for I believe through the virus front line workers shouldn’t of had to pay tax

    1. Hi Stuart, the Northern Ireland Executive has said it will be issuing some further details about the exact groups to receive the bonus in due course

      1. I hope us private sector workers get this too as we worked hard to keep residents safe. Is nursing home staff getting this??

        1. What about workers in the private sector? It’s seems to have gone quiet here, I’m hearing private sector won’t get it? That it depends on your employer? Can you clarify this please??

  1. Hi do 24/7 carers who look after person in their own homes get the bonus, I’ve been single handling my client since March 2020,24/7

      1. But late to the party but from what I can gather us Trust Bank staff are NOT entitled to the payment…is this correct?
        If so, it’s disgraceful!!! I have been working hard in Covid Operations since the first lockdown and if the info is accurate then what a ‘slap in the face’ this is.

        Many thanks
        Susan (a hard working staff nurse)

  2. I hope that is all carers. staff regardless of them being fulltime or part time. All have done fantastic job in extreme situation.

  3. I work in a private nursing home i have been off on maternity leave and recently returned to work at the start of the new year do i still qualify for the one of payment the guidence doesnt really clarify. As we are still in the middle of this pandemic and i am now back to work over a month will i get it??

  4. Can you tell me what number of hours is considered full time as I believe this is important when working out how much payment people will get.

  5. Hi I’m just wondering if ppl who do private care work will receive the one off payment?
    Many thanks

  6. What about everyone else who works in a nursing home it can’t run without kitchen domestic laundry and administration workers. It’s an absolutely disgrace that these workers are being overlooked.

  7. I’m working in private care home. We still waiting for 500£. Does our director has to do something to make it happen quicker?

    1. A date is still to be set for payment to staff in private care homes please see latest statement below:

      The Department does not have a date for the provision of awards to private care homes, funding will be issued to each employer to enable payment to their staff, the details of the funding mechanism are being finalised.

  8. Hi Lee when are us community care workers getting the 500 payment was told it would be in July nothing yet very sad

  9. Hi

    Any imformation on of changing jobs over the pandemic. Would I have to go to my previous employer about this bonus payment? I worked for private care home over height of covid now work for agency.
    Thanks in advance

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