Nisbets helps hampered diners with specialist cutlery

Amefa adapted spoon

Nisbets is using the Care & Dementia Show to present specialist products and equipment to commercial kitchen managers in the care home sector.

The company has a portfolio of over 25,000 commercial kitchen and dining room products, but will focus on brands such as Amefa, Vogue, Kristallon and Steelite, which have specialist lines for residential care of the elderly.

For example, the Amefa Integrale Adapted range of cutlery is designed for people with gripping difficulties. Raised handles make the cutlery easier to pick up from a flat surface, and flattened bottoms prevent it from moving around when put down.

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The Integrale Adapted range also includes slight variations for specific handling difficulties. The Specialist Straight range helps people cut and scoop food more easily, while the Specialist Curve range is better for people with weaker fingers.

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