New insurance scheme for flood risk properties will not cover care homes

Flooding Across The Country Reaches A Critical Level

Health and care professionals have come together to create a think tank that will look at the potential threats to the industry from environmental factors.

The UK Health Alliance on Climate Change commissioned a study to mark its launch that reveals that up to to 8% of health care buildings in England are currently operating in flood risk zones.

That amounts to 2,000 hospitals, care homes and GP surgeries that could be at risk as extreme weather events cause river and coastal flooding.

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Insuring against flooding is an increasingly important issue for households and businesses. The insurance industry has recently created a non-profit company that will effectively provide insurance to insurance companies that provide cover for homes in high risk areas. The company, Flood Re, spreads the risk of insuring these homes across the insurance companies that set it up.

But the 2000 care and healthcare properties deemed to be at risk will not be covered, and will have to work directly with their current insurance providers.

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