New Care manager says COVID vaccination has changed her life already


A New Care manager who was one of the first to be given the COVID vaccine has said it has changed her life already.

Regional Support Manager, Maria Weatherston, who was the first New Care employee to be vaccinated on Tuesday, has been shielding for most of the year due to being classified as extremely high risk.

Maria, who was given her vaccine at Blackpool Victoria Hospital, said: “The process was so quick easy and overall a pleasant experience. The nurse (Sue) was amazing and reassured at all times.  It was a quick process of 10 minutes and my husband drove me there, and we left quickly with a side effects leaflet.  The only side effect I have is a slight ache in my arm, but nothing more.”

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The regional support manager said the vaccination was “the beginning of the end” after she has been shielding for most of the year. She has her next vaccine booked in three weeks’ time.

“I haven’t just had the vaccine for me, but to protect New Care’s residents at every facility also,” she said.

Maria, who is from St Annes, is actively involved in the setting up of new services and ensuring all systems and processes are in line with New Care’s exacting policies and procedures.  She will also be responsible for auditing homes to ensure that the highest standards are maintained by supervising, motivating and training the growing team to uphold corporate standards and ensure everyone complies with the latest legislation.

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