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New Pivotell pill dispensers now incorporate coating technology designed reduce the risk of infection.

The BioCote silver ion technology is introduced during the manufacturing stage to provide protection against harmful microbes such as bacteria, mould and viruses.

Guy Charteris, Partner Development Manager for BioCote, said: “Pivotell are just the sort of quality-driven partner we like to work with long term for the greater good, because our respective products are all about enhancing people’s quality of life and product experience.”

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Pivotell is the sole distributor for medicine management specialist Pharmacell Medication Systems.

Adrian Milne, Director of Pharmacell Medication Systems, said: “It’s a matter of ethics for us and bringing added value that makes a tangible difference. The product is generally supplied to older, more vulnerable people, who by virtue of their condition (early dementia, Parkinson’s, COPD to name a few) are especially vulnerable to infection, so being BioCote protected gives us a clear USP and means our new dispensers properly protect multi users.”

BioCote technology is designed to make the dispenser inherently more hygienic and address a recognised problem within carousel medication delivery: cross contamination.

The devices are now easier to keep hygienically clean for the patients, their family and visiting carers, plus pharmacists and their staff who are all regularly handling the device.

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