Neuro disability care provider engages staff with mobile phone time capture


Specialist provider of workforce management solutions RITEQ explains how it helped not for profit organisation the Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability (RHN) move from paper.

The RHN is a respected authority on neuro-disability care in the UK. It is independent from the NHS but works closely with it, providing the best possible care for people living with neuro-disability.

The RHN works to enhance the dignity, independence and quality of life for each of their patients and residents who rely on the rehabilitation and care it provides. With 600 members of staff, the RHN management team identified a need to increase the efficiency of their rostering systems and update their paper based administration procedures.

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“The primary reason for introducing RITEQ at the RHN was to migrate away from our paper-based procedures that were prone to inaccuracy to a more up-to-date, technology based solution that would integrate with our other systems,” says Woojdan Raza, (Woosh) Project Manager at the RHN. “This fitted into the RHN’s wider strategy, to update and roll out new technological solutions across the organisation.

“We wanted to really engage our staff and give them both accessibility and visibility of the rostering system, so the time capture methods using their mobile phones is a good choice.”

RHN used Excel spreadsheets for rostering. Employees filled out paper based timesheets, handed them to their managers who then inputted the details onto the spreadsheet each week. “We calculated that managers were spending around 5-6 hours per week on this task alone,” says Woosh. Read the full case study here

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