NCA demands help for care industry recruitment in post-Brexit deals


The National Care Association has urged policymakers to consider the needs of the care industry as they negotiate our exit from the European Union.

The trade body accepts that the country exercised its democratic right to decide on the future direction for the country, but cautions that government must now ensure that all possible steps are taken to deliver the manifesto pledges by politicians on the winning side.

The challenges faced by the social care sector will be polarised by the inability to ensure that they can recruit a European workforce and so it is crucial that we work together to create solutions which are positive and sustainable, the NCA says in a statement.

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Nadra Ahmed OBE, National Care Association executive chairman, said: “The challenges of recruiting and retaining social care staff has created substantial issues for providers, it is therefore crucial that, as we plan our exit of the EU member states over the coming weeks and months, we remain focused on the sector’s challenges.

“National Care Association will continue to ensure that we engage with government on the many fronts which will impact on the small and medium sized care providers. It is essential for our country to demonstrate that, as a society we recognise the value of essential care and support services for the frailest and most vulnerable members of our community.”

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  1. If people in the care industry didn’t pay slave wages, they wouldn’t have an issue hiring British people. Many of whom don’t want to work 40 hours a week doing mentally and physically exhausting and still being poor at the end of it.

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