‘Much work to do’ on health and social care integration

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Health and social care services in York have “much work to do” in order to improve the experiences of people moving through the system, the CQC has found. 

The report, which is the latest in a series of 20 local system reviews looking at how well health and social care services work together, found that a previous lack of trust between system leaders had improved over the past 12 months.

While finding a greater willingness to work together at a high level, the CQC said frontline staff in health and social care services were still working in isolation from each other with different organisations providing similar services and causing confusion for staff and the public.

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Professor Steve Field, Chief Inspector of General Practice, said: “In the past there have been strained relationships among leading organisations, including City of York Council and Vale of York CCG. There has been a lack of continuity at senior level, making it difficult to build bridges and so transform services and make integration a possibility.

“In York there are also particular challenges affecting across the system, including the recruitment and retention of staff – and it will need all the local organisations in the area to come together to reach a solution.”

The report found people were not always receiving the care they needed in the right place and there were delays to hospital discharges due to a lack of adult social care provision, care packages and patient choice.

Care homes were reluctant to accept people who needed to be discharged at the weekend because of past incidents where people had been discharged with no medication or discharge summaries.

There was also a poor history of sharing data and information across organisations.

Professor Field said he remained optimistic despite the issues found, adding the CQC had seen evidence of a new appetite from organisations to work together.

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