Miele Professional publishes guide to regulations for care home laundries

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Miele Professional has published a guide that aims to help care home operators ensure their laundry rooms comply with current regulations and save energy.

Current care home laundry regulations from the Department of Health are designed to prevent the spread of infectious diseases.

The main regulation all care home managers need to be aware of is The Choice Framework for Policy and Procedures 01-04 (CFPP 01-04), which covers the decontamination of linen for health and social care.

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The regulation advises that:

  • Care homes create a system that ensures clean and dirty items are fully separated in the laundry room (or that entirely separate areas are used for clean and dirty items).
  • Washing machines being capable of reaching the disinfection requirements: Reaching 71ºC for at least three minutes or 65ºC for at least ten minutes. If the material being washed is unable to withstand such high temperatures, then a chemical disinfection process may be adopted (this also needs to comply with CFPP 01-04).
  • A designated laundry area is provided for disinfection washes, and a process put in place to ensure soiled/fouled linen is kept physically separate throughout the procedure.
  • Only trained staff should have access to the laundry area in order to prevent any unnecessary risk of infection spreading.

Click to download the Miele Professional Laundry Guide.

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