Miele Professional launches new Little Giants Range

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Miele Professional has announced the launch of its new Little Giants washing machine and dryer range.

Available from 1 August, the range comprises the PERFORMANCE washing machine and dryer and the PERFORMANCE PLUS washing machine, which offer one of the shortest washing cycles of just 49 minutes and a load capacity of 8kg, as well as controls to suit a variety of channels and users.

Ideal for care home operators, the machines can tackle high volumes of laundry while adhering to stringent hygiene standards and are Miele’s most environmentally friendly range yet, requiring 22% less water and 28% less energy.

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The washing and tumble dryers have a 25% greater load capacity and have been awarded an A+++ and an A++ efficiency rating, respectively.

The Performance Plus series incorporates digital networking for efficiency and convenience, which is brought together through WiFiConn@ct, which allows the Miele appliance to connect to the internet via a WiFi router. Using the Miele@mobile app on a smartphone or tablet, users will be able to check status queries, receive notifications, such as the requirement to replenish the detergent, and place orders on the Miele online shop. The machines also feature the XKM module, enabling users to validate and monitor wash cycles.

Sam Bailey, sales and marketing director for the Professional Division of Miele, said: “The new Little Giant range with the PERFOMANCE and PERFORMACE PLUS washers and dryers offers the perfect laundry solutions for a range of sectors. Drawing on Miele’s history of experience and innovation, we’ve been able to bring together benefits of time efficiency, connectivity, flexibility, and, of course, leading Miele Quality. Users can benefit from increased capacity, reduced downtime and better wash quality – all the features you’d expect from a Miele machine.”

If you would like to find out more about the new Little Giants range, or enquire about a purchase, visit the website here.

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