Miele aims to save money and the environment with H2O tumble dryer


Miele is promising to slash the cost to care homes and the environment of drying clothes in the laundry.

The laundry equipment specialist says that its new H2O tumble dryer is virtually “free to run”, thanks to a technical innovation that draws waste heat from hot water systems to dry washing. The hot water is used to heat process air in a heat exchanger, Miele explains.

The H2O is able to dry up to 200kg of laundry per day, and comes with programmes specially designed to take care of delicate laundry items at lower process air temperatures. This minimises the risk that delicate items will be exposed to temperatures that risk damaging fibres.

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Carina Ghosh, senior product manager at Miele says: “Miele firmly believes the future is sustainability that can protect both the pocket of business owners and the environment.

“It makes sense to opt for the H20 dryer if you already have cheap access to hot water on site. These products are an addition to our standard portfolio but I believe they will become more important in the coming years as the price of fossil fuels continues to rise.”

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