Matt Hancock thanks ‘brilliant colleagues’ in social care for ‘going extra mile’

matt Hancock

Secretary of State for Health and Social Matt Hancock has thanked the social care workforce for ‘going the extra mile’ in the battle against the coronavirus.

The Health and Social Care Secretary sent an open letter to the sector’s workforce on Saturday thanking them for their support to society’s most vulnerable.

Mr Hancock thanked carers for taking on extra shifts to cover for those needing to isolate and for “doing the right thing” by isolating if they, or someone they live with, has symptoms of the virus.

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“We face more difficult times ahead and I know you will have been personally impacted by the measures we have had to take to reduce the spread of Covid-19,” Mr Hancock said.

“Whilst many people are now staying at home, I know that is not an option for most of you as your work, caring for others, cannot be done from home.”

The Secretary of State said the government was doing all it could to make carers lives easier during the pandemic, including providing free council-owned parking.

He said the government was working “round the clock” to ensure carers had the information, equipment and resources they need.

He directed the care workforce to follow the Department for Health and Social Care on Twitter @DHSCgovuk) for the latest information.

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