‘Massive levels’ of elderly abuse uncovered

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Almost one in 10 older people have told a nationwide poll that they have suffered abuse.

The Action on Elder Abuse research revealed that almost 10% of people aged over 65, equivalent to one million people, had experienced abuse of some kind.

Action on Elder Abuse’s Chief Executive, Gary FitzGerald, said: “This poll confirms that elder abuse in the UK is a major issue, and requires radical action if we are to prevent thousands of our loved ones from continuing to suffer appalling treatment.

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“The criminal justice system is failing to deter abusers, too many care providers provide neglectful care, and the adult protection process often fails to protect. Governments cannot continue to claim they are doing enough.”

The charity’s chief executive called on crimes against older people to be prosecuted as an aggravated offence in recognition of the fact that older people are specifically targeted because of their vulnerability and because they often suffer more in the aftermath of these crimes.

Three quarters of people are in favour of some sort of monitoring to safeguard care residents, according to research commissioned by camera and audio technology specialist Care Protect.

Philip Scott, founder of Care Protect, said:  “At a time when many care providers are suffering significant financial constraints and the media are regularly highlighting issues of abuse and poor care standards, this research demonstrates the public support for innovative solutions.

“This is demonstrably working in practice.  Care homes using events only camera surveillance technology have reported a significant increase in occupancy and improvement in care standards.

“The care industry can no longer bury its head in the sand about what is happening as even in the best homes, individual cases of poor care delivery can occur.”


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  1. Is this article pertaining only to care homes? as I am aware more abuse happens at home with relatives, friends and private carers being involved.

    1. Hi Fiona,
      Thanks for your comment. The report covers elderly abuse from all sources, including relatives, friends and private carers.
      Best Wishes,


    2. Fiona you are so right. We have no actual research or statistics on what is happening with abuse in our communities. It is rife! I am really hoping the media will also draw some attention to this as well. I have been approached by numerous people in our community seeking help when genuinely trying to advocate for a parent, partner, neighbour etc with nowhere to turn. Just one month ago on Friday my friends mother passed away. She was another preventable death and it should never have been allowed to get to that point. What she went through is a human rights issue. My friend advocated and faught and faught the system to get help for her mother. She could not protect or save her mother. This is just one story of so many ! I hope that the media can and will look at and draw some awareness to this issue. Elder Abuse is every where!

  2. The article is misleading, suggesting to the reader that the data was collected from people using the services of care providers, whereas, as Fiona points out research shows that most abuse occurs in people’s home perpetrated by family members or people known to the family members. I am sure that the CEO is well meaning, however the assumption that all families “love” their elderly is not safe. In years to come the outcomes of the successive changes made to society by government policies (reliance on dual income households, breakdown in relationships, insecure employment for example) will play out on the experience of ageing people and expectations of society on care provision. In the meantime our future residents/clients/patients continue to age, more and more unhealthily.

  3. The question also is how many victims are not reporting their abuse? There are many reasons, reliant on the perpaertrators care, fear of going into a residential care facility , loosing contact with grand children, dementia or cognitive impairment, socially isolated …….etc. What is reported is only a scratch on the surface 😢

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