Manikin trainer helps puts staff and resident safety first

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Specialist manikin trainer Ruth Lee shares how it can help you attain the best possible CQC rating.

As a Care Home manager, your priority is providing the very best care to your resident; care that is bespoke to the individual and their unique personalities and requirements. But as a business owner, with a bottom line to consider, you will also be looking for ways to differentiate your home from the competition so that you become the home of choice for local families.

The CQC ratings systems helps the general public to make an informed choice about the care homes in their area, with the ‘Outstanding’ rating describing the best of the best.

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Guidelines to help you to be the best

Recently, the CQC released new Key Lines of Enquiry (KLOEs) which come into force in November 2017. Within these KLOEs there is much emphasis placed on training, particularly within the ‘Safe’ and ‘Effective’ categories.  You can read more about these new guidelines in our blog

Safer lifting and handling

Workplace injury statistics in the health and social care sectors are amongst the highest in the UK and therefore the CQC will look closely at what you are doing to guarantee your team’s wellbeing.  

At Ruth Lee we can help you to create the safest, most realistic training possible using our range of manikins. Your primary goal is to ensure that your team can preserve the dignity of your residents whilst maintaining their own physical safety.

Using manikins for effective training

Our Patient Handling manikin is the ideal choice for the care home sector. It has many uses in both general moving and handling exercises, but also in planning emergency evacuation. After all, we know that in an ideal world your staff would always use a hoist or similar equipment to move someone…but what if a resident has fallen in a confined space and needs urgent medical attention?

Or what if there is a fire and you need to move a large number of people to safety quickly? Training with manikins will allow you to teach your staff to carry out emergency lifts in the safest way possible and help you plan for all emergencies.

What about moving larger residents? Obesity is not only a risk for the individual, but also the people who care for them. With this in mind, and to allow your staff to train to move obese residents with dignity, we have developed a range of bariatric manikins. With a range of weights, starting at 90kg and going right up to 260kg, you can develop emergency strategies which are safe and effective.

If you would like advice on using training manikins, we would be pleased to speak to you. Call today on 01490 413 282 for expert advice.

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