Majority of social care professionals checking emails at 6am, new study reveals

Lee Biggins – MD – CV-Library

The majority of social care professionals are up and checking their emails at 6am with over half getting six hours sleep a night, new research has revealed.

The CV-Library research revealed that 74% of social care professionals wake up at 6am for work every day, with a further 57.1% stating that they get just six hours sleep a night.

Lee Biggins, founder and CEO of CV-Library, (pictured) said: “Getting the right amount of sleep can help you to stay healthy, alert and ready to tackle the day ahead. You’ll naturally feel happier, stay calm under pressure and forge positive relationships in the workplace.

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“If you’re thinking of shaking up your routine, make sure you’re waking up early for the right reasons; if you’re doing it to crack on with your work before the day has even begun this might be counter-productive and could suggest it’s time to find a new job altogether!”

The study of 2,000 UK professionals found that only 35.7% of workers in the sector get the recommended eight hours of sleep per night, with 37% even admitting that they wake up as early as 5am every day.

Interestingly, two thirds (66.7%) of social care professionals think that waking up early benefits your career, with 61.1% stating that it helps them to get ahead with their tasks, 50% said it helps to improve their work-life balance and 44.4% said it makes them feel more organised.


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