Luxurycare group boasts first officially certified carbon-neutral care home

Eagles Mount

Luxurycare group says its Eagle Mount service has become the UK’s first carbon-neutral care home.

Through its partnership with Carbon Neutral Britain’s Climate and Woodland Fund, the care home has offset its 163 tonne carbon footprint by funding internationally certified renewable energy and forest projects around the world, including hydroelectric power in the Amazon and China, wind power in the Philippines, and reforestation in Nicaragua.

Mandy Kittlety at Luxurycare said: “With climate change an ever more pressing concern for all of us we are incredibly pleased and proud to be the first care home to officially be certified carbon neutral by Carbon Neutral Britain.

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“This has been a fascinating process, which has not only enabled us to neutralise our environmental impact but has provided us with a much deeper understanding about where that impact arises.

“Whilst we already take steps to be as environmentally aware as possible, we are now looking at what more we can do to be ‘greener’ and are currently implementing numerous changes in support of our goal in developing a community here at Eagles Mount that works together to protect natural resources and continues to reduce our carbon footprint.”

Alicja Wysocka, Eagles Mount Care Home Manager, added: “Our priority is always about the care we provide our residents for them and their families, but it’s nice for us to be aware of the environmental impact that the home has – and even better now that we are completely carbon-neutral!”

James Poynter, Director – Business Development & Offsetting Verification, Carbon Neutral Britain, said: “With UK businesses accounting for over 85% of total greenhouse gas emissions, corporate action is the number one priority in helping stop climate change, and emission calculating, and offsetting is now the most popular method for businesses to make an environmental impact.

“Whilst it is mandatory for the biggest UK companies to calculate and offset their carbon footprints, we work with hundreds of businesses across every sector each year who want to do that voluntarily – but this is the first care home we have ever calculated emissions for.

“Combined, these small and medium-sized businesses have a big impact, so if more step up, as Eagles Mount has done, it will move Britain closer to its ambition of being carbon neutral and have a real impact on climate change as well.”

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