London has highest vacancy rates in social care workforce survey

Skills for Care

London is the region with the highest social care workforce vacancy rates, new Skills for Care data has revealed.

In its newly published regional reports, Skills for Care revealed London has an 8.9% vacancy rate followed by the Eastern region (8%) with vacancies in Yorkshire and Humber in 2020-21 at just 5%.

Turnover rates were highest in the Eastern region at 30.9% and lowest in the North East (25%).

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The data shows the South East has the highest number of people working in the sector (241,000) and the highest number of filled posts (260,000).

London offers the highest mean pay rate for care workers and managerial roles within local authority and independent provider roles.

The mean pay rate for a care worker employed by the local authority in London is £13.55 while for independent providers this is £9.70. For managerial roles the mean pay for local authorities is £27.01 or £14.74 if working for an independent provider.

Outside of London, the South West and the South East offer the highest pay rates.

For independent provider care worker roles the South East offers the highest mean pay at £9.46. The South East also offers the highest mean pay for managerial positions outside of London across both local authority and independent provider roles at £20.99 and £14.51 respectively.

The South West offers the highest pay for local authority care worker roles at £10.92.

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