Location and salary most important for social care workers during pandemic

Lee Biggins – MD – CV-Library

A new study has revealed that location and salary are the most important factors for social care professionals looking for a new job.

Location (72.7%) ranked top followed by salary (69.7%) when independent job board CV-Library asked 1,100 professionals for the factors they valued most when considering a new job.

Flexible working hours came next (33.3%) followed by development opportunities (24.2%), job security (21.2%), job title (18.2%), company culture (15.2%), benefits’ package (9.1%), ability to work from home (6.1%) and company brand (6.1%).

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Lee Biggins, founder and CEO of CV-Library, (pictured) said: “Everyone has their own agenda when it comes to work or looking for a new job, but it’s interesting to see what professionals are finding the most important right now. Especially as more people are recognising the importance of job security during the pandemic. The fact that the figures shift quite significantly in the industry is something employers should pay attention to, especially when it comes to attracting, recruiting and retaining top talent.”

The study found that social care professionals were more concerned than the average working population with location where 66.9% of people ranked it their most important factor.

Conversely, social care professional are less concerned than the average worker about security with 21.2% citing this as the most important factor compared with 27.7% overall.

Lee added: “Although the market is shifting and there’s less pressure on employers to target passive candidates, it’s still important to understand what professionals want from their next role. These sort of factors should absolutely be mentioned in your job adverts to make them as appealing as possible and to encourage the right people to apply.”

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