LifeVac saves resident’s life after choking emergency

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Airway clearance device LifeVac has saved a care home resident’s life after they began choking during a meal.

An 81-year-old female resident at a Dovehaven care home was enjoying her meal when bread and meat became lodged in her throat.

Nurses quickly came to her aid delivering BLS choking protocol to try and dislodge the obstruction, however, the resident began to lose consciousness and due to her being in a sitting position abdominal thrusts were extremely hard to perform.

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As the resident had become unconscious, a nurse quickly moved the resident to the floor while another nurse ran to grab their LifeVac from the wall mounted box.

LifeVac was applied within seconds and removed the full airway obstruction (meat and bread) and the resident regained consciousness, saving her life.

The resident was checked over by paramedics due to receiving BLS choking protocol and was given the ‘all clear’.

The nurses told CHP: “Despite BLS we could not remove obstruction. If the device had not been used the resident would have almost certainly died. LifeVac is very easy to put together and worked instantly.”

Dovehaven is an award winning care home operator, recognised in 2021 as a ‘Top 20 Rated Large Care Home Group in the UK’ by

To ensure the safety of their residents and team members, every Dovehaven home has a LifeVac to call upon should a chocking incident occur.

Sam Jacob, Managing Director of Dovehaven, said: “Choking incidents can happen in a blink of an eye, a moment in which it is vital that the correct action is taken. Often such incidents take place in an area where there are many distractions, where it may not be immediately apparent that there is a swallowing emergency. Our team have been quick to respond and use the LifeVac to save prolonged distress and certainly tragic outcomes for people in our homes. We are always grateful for each and every choking rescue.”

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