Lifetime Training educates care workers on benefits of apprenticeships

Lifetime Training Apprenticeships

Lifetime Training, which offers training and career advice to the care home, hospitality and retail industries, is encouraging young people to consider apprenticeships as a viable alternative to university.

A blog by an apprentice, identified as Michael, on Lifetime Training’s website gives a firsthand account of the benefits of taking the earn as you learn path.

When it comes to deciding which path to take for your future career, it is crucial you pick the right one! I’m here to show you why university isn’t worthwhile, and that apprenticeships are the way forward.

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Earn whist you learn

As a young person myself I realise how important money is to people, especially when leaving school or college. As you want to go out with your friends, go on holiday and treat yourself from time to time.

However, you also want to get a good job and get a good start in your career, which is why apprenticeships are so useful. You’ve probably heard of the expression “Kill two birds with one stone”? Well, that applies here, because with an apprenticeship you’re able to make a step in the right direction in terms of your career whilst getting paid to do so; what could be better?

Start a debt free life

When it comes to University everyone knows that there is big price tag that comes with it…£9,000 a year if you didn’t already know! Some of you might argue that you don’t have to pay it back straight away, but why have any debt in the first place? Nothing beats real life experience. In fact, 1 in 5 CEO’s in the UK did an apprenticeship. Sometimes, experience counts for more!

Work your way to the top (Get ahead of the game)

You may have been told that by going to University will provide you with better jobs and a higher starting salary. This might be true in some circumstances but a degree doesn’t guarantee this. In the world today, jobs need so many different skills and being a great leader, or being skilled at what you do is something you learn on the job. Sitting in a University for years won’t necessarily mean you’ll be successful.

Also, you must remember that a degree can’t be gained in a couple of years, each one is a minimum of three and some can be up to five, so you have to consider how long it will be before you will even get the chance to get on the career ladder.

First-hand experience

For those that like to get on with the job and learn by doing, instead of reading it out of a book, then an apprenticeship is the perfect choice for you! Yes, there is a bit of coursework along the way, but around 90% of the time will be spent doing the job at hand. You’re getting first-hand experience of how everything works, which you don’t get with university. Once the apprenticeship is over, you then have the experience of that job role that you can add to your CV which can play a pivotal role in getting you the job you apply for.

Lifetime Training offers a Level 3 Diploma in Health and Social Care. Click here to learn more.

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