Lancashire Care Association joins calls to cut red tape for operators

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The respected Lancashire Care Association has welcomed the Department for Innovation and Skills report that argues there is too much bureaucracy, duplication and red tape holding back the care home industry.

The association’s CEO Paul Simic says the report chimes with his own experience. “The BIS Cutting Red Tape report affirms the key points we have argued: too many monitoring agencies with overlapping roles and unclear boundaries, the impact of the burden of monitoring (including its duplication across different commissioning and quality monitoring and safeguarding functions), inconsistency in inspection and monitoring approaches that raise issues of reliability and validity in method, and a lack of coordination/ synergy,” he argues.

Mr Simic takes a pragmatic approach to improving outcomes by attempting to reform the system so that more scarce money makes its way to front line care. “You can’t beat quality into a system. It has to be resourced and nurtured,” he says.

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“The more the sector is under the most extreme stress it would be counter-productive to add more and more resources to overseeing care while its delivery is starved of the necessary funds. The Cutting Red Tape report is an important iteration of the impact on adult care from not getting the balance right between resources going to care monitoring and delivery and ensuring that the monitoring is itself competent and can evidence that it is improving care outcomes,” he adds.

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  1. We totally agree with what Lancashire Care Association is saying.

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