Labour announces plans to head off social care crisis

Jeremy Corbyn And Owen Smith Take Part In The First Labour Leadership Debate

Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn has announced plans to head off the social care crisis, including an additional £10bn and a pledge to cap care costs.

In his latest policy announcement ahead of the General Election this Thursday, Mr Corbyn restated Labour’s pledge to introduce free personal care for the elderly and committed £10bn in additional funding by 2023/24.

The Labour leader said: “We have a social care crisis on our hands and it was created by the Tories.

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“I want everyone to be able to live with dignity, which is why we will start by introducing free personal care for older people.

“Labour is on the side of care workers and those who need care. We are committed to real change in the way that social care is delivered.”

Labour research has revealed that more than 9,200 people have requested help for help in paying for their social care since April 2017 after running out of money.

Moreover, 5,385 people, almost 15 a day, have approached their local authority for help in 2018/19, up by 38% year on year.

In analysis of NHS data, Labour said as many as 4,400 hospital beds per day could be out of action this December due to the social care crisis, up from 4,155 last year.

The Conservatives have pledged an additional £1bn funding for social year each year if elected.

A Conservative spokesman said: “We’ve invested an additional £650 million of new money for social care in 2019-20, including another £240 million for adult social care to alleviate winter pressures on the NHS this year.

“Boris Johnson and the Conservatives are delivering for the NHS – putting £33.9 billion more into our frontline services, building 40 new hospitals, and delivering 50,000 more nurses.”


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  1. Throwing money at a problem is not the only answer! Most care homes need the ability to recruit experienced and good quality care staff. Providers need the same ability to be able to recruit from abroad like the NHS Fast track visa system.

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