‘Join Social Care’ platform launches to recruit 100,000 new carers


An innovative recruitment platform that previously operated with the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) has launched independently in a bid to attract 100,000 new carers.

The Join Social Care platform originally launched with the DHSC in May 2020 and has already filled thousands of roles across the UK care sector.

Martin Warnes, Director of Join Social Care, said: “We’ve demonstrated our value as a platform over the past year by filling thousands of roles and connecting new carers with care providers throughout the UK. We’ll now build on this momentum independently, and accelerate the volume of both candidates and providers we work with. The plain fact is that many care providers are having to pay over the odds for recruitment agencies or online advertising, both of which often fail to add any real value or return on investment.

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“At a time when millions of people are looking for work, and the care sector continues to face a chronic shortage of carers, there’s a natural bridge for us to build here in bolstering the sector, putting people back to work and enabling providers to deliver greater levels and quality of care.”

By 2022, the UK Commission for Employment and Skills estimates that an additional 500,000 carers will be needed to complement the nation’s existing 1.5 million carer workforce.

In addition to the recruitment of new talent into care, Join Social Care is also looking to work with experienced candidates or carers looking to return to the sector. The platform is encouraging both interested candidates and care providers to visit

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