‘It’s no more than they deserve’: care home boss gives staff 21.8% pay rise

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A Sheffield care home boss is giving his staff a 21.8% pay rise in recognition of their efforts in the ongoing coronavirus crisis.

Roy Young (pictured left), of Silver Healthcare, who employs over 60 staff at two care homes, said he was introducing the wage hike with immediate effect to give his workers “the respect they deserve”.

“There has been a great deal in the news pledging support for the great work of NHS staff,” Roy said.

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“People often forget the army of dedicated care staff that work in care homes like mine. They’re turning up everything day to protect and care for the most vulnerable people in society and the majority are on minimum wage. They continue to come into work whilst the rest of the country stays indoors to protect themselves from coronavirus. They are under great stress, they do a brilliant job and they deserve more.”

The care home boss is upping the hourly rate of his minimum wage workforce by £1.79 to £10.

Inadequate government funding combined with a shortage of qualified staff forced Roy to shut his Fulwood Lodge home in November last year after 20 years.

The new wage level will last for the next month and then come under review.

Roy added: “I’ve worked in care over three decades and the situation was already incredibly challenging. If any good comes out of the present situation it will be to realise the vital importance of care staff that do an amazing job for very little reward.”

Silver Healthcare’s two homes – Rosebank and Leahyrst – specialise in dementia care.

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  1. I would compliment Roy Young on his action and hope that his forward thinking policy will encourage his staff at this very difficult time. Whilst writing this I too am in the process of issuing new pay rates to my staff following the latest increase in minimum pay rates . I would dearly like to follow his action as a responsible owner who places a high value on the quality of care staff and the important work they all do. At my home in Tameside we pay competitive wages and have a core number of long serving and dedicated staff for whom I have the highest respect and affection. Unfortunately that in itself is no guarantee against the problems we still incur in attracting and recruiting quality staff at every level.
    For the heath and safety of our staff and residents we have effectively gone into “self isolation” to protect both staff and residents. Nevertheless some of our staff have had to withdraw from work having shown possible symptoms of ,at the least , a mild infection of some sort. As a result we are forced to employ Agency staff . We have no problem with the agency staff themselves as we are obliged to use them quite frequently to cover absence throughout the year.
    My concern about Nursing Agencies is even greater at a time when homes are struggling even more than usual to maintain high standards of care and security for both staff and residents.I fear that many homes may well be forced to close very shortly if they are obliged to use Agency staff to see them through this crisis. My personal view is that Staff Agencies are an even greater risk to many homes viability at this critical time and will further highlight the corrosive effect these Agencies have been allowed to impose on an already challenging and grossly underfunded , under appreciated and vital sector.

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