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Ist Business Software is adding several modules to its tablet and smartphone-optimised care home management system.

The company introduced its solution to care homes last year, and is already broadening its range of applications with a time and attendance module that has the option of biometric clocking-in; an archiving system that helps staff find important documents covering policies and procedures; a customisable system for creating and managing audits; and a medication administration system.

Gary Twocock, managing director of In Simple Terms Business Software (ist), says the company’s care home management system addresses many of the challenges faced by the industry.

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“It is mobile, ensuring that point of care so staff are not removed from the floor. It is simple to use for all staff. It is configurable to work with the way businesses operate. And it has build in quality control and auditing so that performance can be measured,” he states.

Mr Twocock aims to address many of the pitfalls that dog the roll out of complex care management systems. Acceptance of new technology by care teams is crucial he argues. “If a system is too difficult to use by all staff, it will not be used,” he says. “Care homes have to avoid spending too much time using IT and not caring for residents,” he adds.

The use of smartphones and tablets not only makes the Ist care home management system easier to use, it also makes it mobile so that information is accessible at the point of care.

Ultimately, Mr Twocock says that the solution helps with resident care. “Improvements in care planning with the istCare “Living Care Plan” helps keep care plans up to date reflecting changing needs of service users,” he states.

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