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Bristol-base healthcare company Invatech Health has launched the UK’s first comprehensive digital medicines management measure for care homes.

The Beacon Scorecard provides a managerial overview of key performance and non-compliance issues within an individual care home as well as across a wider portfolio of care settings.

Graham Britain, director of residential care for Care South, said: “First impressions of the Beacon Scorecard are really good. I like the ability to view medicines management performance across the organisation as a whole – and to be able to drill down and identify issues and problems in individual homes. This is a huge asset in driving improvement in medication administration and management.”

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The Beacon Scorecard is enabled and driven by the data generated via Invatech’s Proactive Care System, which offers a complete digital solution for the management of resident’s medicines.

The scorecard is separately licensed to senior managers and accessed via a secure portal.

Professor Clive Bowman, chairman of Invatech Health said: “When potential customers really understand the power of the Proactive Care System, its proven effectiveness and the added capability of the new medicines management performance tool, the Beacon Scorecard, the next question for managers is ‘when and how soon can my care home implement this system’.”

The Proactive Care System is currently used in over 250 care homes across the UK benefitting over 11,000 residents and more than 5,000 trained nurses and carers.

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