Interactive map reveals emergency threats to care home food supplies


An interactive map has been developed following COVID-19 to show some of the worst-case threats to food supplies for the care sector.

The interactive Preparedness Map has been developed by freeze dried food leader, Now Fuel Your Preparation.

Atiyya Tailor, of Fuel Your Preparation, (pictured) said: “We serve the European food supply chain and we understand the challenges presented by extremes, including the current pandemic and other threats to food supplies.

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“The map can be a starting point for those organisations that need to ensure they have the right equipment, skills and supplies in place for such an emergency, which could go on for long periods of time.”

The diverse nature of emergencies across the map range from power cuts, floods, mountain rescues, and possible major incident across high risk sites such as nuclear installations and heatwaves.

The diverse range offered by Fuel Your Preparation offers nutritious food that retains its freshness for 25 years in tins or seven years in pouches for storage.

The meal range in tins and pouch formats includes chicken tikka with rice, pasta bolognaise, beef stew, spicy pasta Arrabiata, five bean cassoulet, chocolate mousse and rice pudding. Ingredients and staple items come in tins and include diced chicken and minced beef.

Meeting challenges ahead, the products also come in kit form as ingredients such as green beans, beef mince and white rice and offer organisations freeze dried breakfasts, desserts and main meals, including vegetarian options depending on needs.

Fuel Your Preparation freeze dried foods contain carbohydrates and protein, are easy to prepare by adding water. Freeze dried ingredients are produced by removing the water from the original product and retaining the nutrition and taste.


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