Integrated IT systems needed to relieve pressure on operators, says Advanced

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The Health & Care division of Advanced says that the current era of regulatory reform, reduced budgets and greater scrutiny makes it essential that care providers deploy integrated technology to survive and thrive.

The IT company, which specialises in health and care management systems, suggests that without the benefits of integrated software solutions, the pressure on operators could sink them.

In a research study by Advanced, the company has found that forward-thinking organisations are already reviewing priorities and employing new approaches to maximise flexibility and cost-efficiency. Integrated technology is at the heart of their strategies.

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George Thaw, managing director – Health & Care, Advanced, comments: We understand the many issues care providers are facing on a daily basis, as they deliver their vital services. By incorporating the right technology solutions into their strategies they can gain flexibility, improve productivity and protect their future. Disjointed systems create inefficiency, so a holistic approach with a modern, connected infrastructure is key to success.”

By integrating core back-office systems with each other and with traditional care management solutions, care providers can increase responsiveness, reduce duplication and provide real-time data for effective decision-making. Joining up systems, for example linking customer billing with payroll or budgeting with HR recruitment, creates an efficient and productive organisation.

Care providers are also seeing benefits from technology such as cloud hosting and document management systems. Key documents are scanned and archived so that they can be retrieved at a moment’s notice. CRM systems are proving invaluable in managing the increasing network of relationships that those in the care sector now need to maintain.

Mr Thaw adds: Modern care providers cannot afford to ignore the benefits of hosting their software in the cloud, to free up time from managing infrastructure, and embracing mobile technology, backed up by systems that talk to each other. With remote access to the most up-to-date information, care staff will be able to spend more time caring for patients. Demonstrating compliance is now simpler than ever.

“In an increasingly complex landscape, an integrated approach simplifies day-to-day care provision while addressing the challenges and ensuring organisations are prepared for future changes.”

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