BRE and Loughborough University are to begin construction of a new ‘dementia friendly’ demonstration home designed to offer better support to those living with the condition.

The scheme at the BRE Innovation Park will involve the adaptation of a Victorian house to cater for people with different types and stages of dementia.

Director of BRE Innovation Parks Dr David Kelly said: “Our aim here is to show how homes can be adapted to better meet the needs of dementia sufferers and delay the need for care by the state for months or even years.

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“Currently, the average cost of state care is between £30,000 to £40,000 per annum. Creating environments which allow people to live independently at home for longer could save a significant amount. That money could instead be channelled into research that alleviates the condition and reduces the emotional stress to the individual.”

The property will act as a show home enabling developers, care providers and families an opportunity to learn about better ways to equip a home to help people with dementia.

As part of Loughborough’s ongoing research in this area, academics will also study how the features are used with a view to further improving ways to support homeowners with dementia.

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