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A high tech innovation from renewable energy company Zeuner promises to help keep vulnerable people warm during winter cold snaps.

The 24/7 email to voice alarm warns facilities managers when the temperature in their buildings drops significantly below standard heating settings.

Director Paul Maxwell-King said:  “For many of our clients – particularly where they run homes for vulnerable people – they don’t have the staff or the facilities to monitor their heating systems 24 hours a day. While emails, texts and tweets work well during the day this won’t help if there is a failure in the middle of the night.

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“An email to voice service means they can be notified at any time and make a decision on what to do next before the morning. This means a potential crisis can be averted and vulnerable people in their homes will not be put at risk.”

The system sends the email in a spoken form to four of the client’s designated phone numbers. It continues to ring until someone acknowledges the call, similar to a key holder for a high street retailer. The voicemail will then read out the email.

Zeuner already offers the service through email, text and Twitter alerts.

The business provides and maintains geothermal heating – ground and air source pumps – to a wide range of sectors from housing associations to schools and private homes.

In a recent case that highlights the vulnerability of the elderly to cold a care home was fined £1.6m after one of its residents died of hypothermia (see Care home fined £1.6m after woman dies of hypothermia).

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