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Clare Humphrey, category manager at Miele Professional, introduces our latest special feature on the latest policies and procedures, innovation and new product launches in infection prevention and control (IPC).

New statistics being recorded and released by the government show that reinfection with COVID-19 is on the increase. The Office for National Statistics says that the risk of reinfection from Omicron is 16 times greater than for Delta so it’s no surprise that they now make up one in ten of the daily reported COVID-19 cases. There will potentially come a time when all reported cases are reinfections but the good news in this case would be that deaths from reinfections would be lower as the infection is usually milder the second time around.

With reinfection on the increase, healthcare facilities, particularly those looking after the frail elderly, should continue to follow a rigorous IPC programme to provide as much protection for both healthcare staff and residents as possible. Every residential home should have at least one member of staff who is trained in infection control who should then provide on-site management of an agreed IPC programme.

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When the Care Quality Commission (CQC) carries out visits, they are looking at eight key areas for inspection:

Are all types of visitors prevented from catching and spreading infection?

How are people supported to use and access their environment safely?

Are people admitted into the service safely?

Does the service use PPE effectively to safeguard staff and people using the service?

Is there adequate access and take up of testing for staff and people using services?

Does the layout of the premises, use of space and hygiene practice promote safety?

Do practices, deployment and staff training show the service can prevent transmission of infection and/or manage outbreaks?

Is the IPC policy up to date and implemented effectively to prevent and control infection?

Since the start of the global pandemic these eight areas have become an increased focus for residential care providers and nowhere is this more sharply brought into focus than when handling laundry. Whether organisations use an on-premise facility or outsource their laundry to an external provider, a good regime when it comes to cleaning both linen and personal clothing can act as both a first and last line of defence in the fight against the spread of infections. Using the right equipment, at the right settings in a well-controlled environment means that staff are protected, and the clean laundry is infection free and ready to be used again. Ensure that your IPC specialist is familiar with the latest CQC inspection guidelines at:


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