‘Inadequate’ care home failed to keep people clean, CQC says


An Inadequate rated care home failed to keep people clean and maintain their dignity, the CQC has said.

An inspection of the home was carried out by the CQC in August after concerns about the lack of personal care people were receiving, staffing levels, cleanliness of the home, incorrect moving and handling procedures and infection prevention and control risks.

Hayley Moore, CQC’s head of inspection for adult social care, said: “When we visited Longfield Residential Home – MD we were concerned at how dirty the home was and how undignified people’s experience of living here was. Our inspectors found that staff were not keeping people clean and well presented. We saw people with food on their clothes and faces, and the new manager told us that people’s feet, looked as if they hadn’t been washed for months.

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“We found dirty bedrooms, bathroom, furniture and bedding. The laundry room contained a sluice area that was so dirty staff were using a toilet area and one resident’s bedroom as a separate laundry area instead.

“We heard from one relative, that their family member had gone to hospital with faeces under their fingernails, wearing another person’s clothes with holes in, another person’s slippers that were too big and other people’s clothes in their bag. Vulnerable people using this service rely on staff to help them live their lives with respect and dignity. This was not the case for people living at Longfield.”

The CQC said the service did not have enough staff to meet people’s needs and had to use agency staff who were “unreliable and didn’t have the appropriate training to look after people”.

Hayley added: “All of the staff we spoke to told us they wouldn’t be happy to have one of their family members living in the service and they were also concerned about cleanliness at the home.

“During our visit, the provider started to address our concerns and is continuing to make further improvements, to ensure people are living in a safe and clean environment. We will continue to monitor the home closely and will not hesitate to take further action if necessary.”

Longfield declined to comment when contacted by CHP.

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