IN FOCUS: Putting people at the heart of compliance management

Jay Lewis

Compliance Manager, Jay Lewis (pictured), explains how Exemplar Health Care put their people at the heart of compliance management.

At Exemplar Health Care, compliance is about more than meeting the regulatory and legal requirements – it’s about ensuring that we achieve our mission of making every day better for the people we support and our colleagues.

As well as regulations set by the Care Quality Commission, and the standards and laws that we need to comply with as an employer, landlord, food handler and data controller – those living and working in our care homes each have their own standards, needs and expectations, which they have a right to expect us to comply with. That’s why we put our people at the heart of compliance management.

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Delivering care that is over and above simple compliance is what everyone working in social care should aim for.

Measuring compliance

At Exemplar Health Care, we are committed to setting and achieving our own high standards that go beyond regulatory and legal requirements.

We use a range of tools and resources to help our teams track their compliance and set performance targets, and have a dedicated Quality and Compliance Team that supports our homes, monitors quality and carries out internal inspections to ensure that our homes always provide the highest standards of care.

Our compliance system, the Exemplar Quality Assurance (EQA) framework, provides our own set of checks and balances. This is supported by ‘live time’ reporting that enables us to target early support and intervention if needed.

A large part of our EQA framework involves seeking the views and opinions of those living in our care homes, as those individuals are our priority. We need to be sure that we are meeting their expectations and have a clear understanding of what they would like us to be doing differently or better.

Standing out

We believe that it is this continual self-review that makes us stand out from other care providers. Whilst we track compliance ‘live’ against our targets, we also use a four-weekly cycle of checks and processes to monitor compliance within each care home, looking at the same aspects of provision within each period so we have parity and oversight.

We don’t rely solely on audits to show us the level of compliance in each care home – our systems have a number of observational measures and meetings built in, bringing those who live and work in our homes together to identify how we can make every day better, for everyone.

The compliance process works like clockwork and the skilled team working at Exemplar Health Care plays a role in ensuring we’re going above and beyond. It’s our duty to set high standards and make every day better than the last, not just for those living and working in our homes, but also for the families, friends and the external stakeholders that work with us.

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