Health+Care Exhibitor Preview: Antimicrobial Copper


Break the chain of infection with Antimicrobial Copper. It’s a new way of thinking, a different mindset: specifying an effective antimicrobial material for the care environment to help break the chain of infection and curb the spread of disease.

Copper is a powerful antimicrobial with rapid, broad-spectrum efficacy against bacteria and viruses, including MRSA and norovirus. It shares this benefit with a range of copper alloys, collectively called Antimicrobial Copper.

The NHS infection control guidelines (EPIC 3) recognise high-touch surfaces such as bed rails, taps and door handles made of antimicrobial copper harbour 80–90% fewer bacteria than standard surfaces.

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Improved patient outcomes have been demonstrated in ICUs. Antimicrobial Copper will offer information and advice on specifying and procuring products as part of a refurbishment or new build from its shared stand with Pegler Yorkshire, Sturge Industries and Varilight.

Stand: R28


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