Health official admits COVID-19 deaths set to rise in care homes


Public Health England (PHE) medical director Yvonne Doyle has admitted that deaths in care homes are likely to rise as those seen in hospital have begun to drop.

The announcement came as the government included care homes for the first time in its national daily update of those dying from the virus. The total number of deaths now stands at more than 26,000.

Ms Doyle told journalists that deaths in care homes may be revised upwards, commenting: “In due course those deaths sadly may occur on death certificates, so we may expect more than we are seeing at the moment, yes.”

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PHE data has revealed that 30% of care homes in England have suspected or confirmed cases of coronavirus.

The latest estimate based on combined ONS and CQC data puts the combined death toll at around 5,500 but it is generally believed that the real number could be significantly higher.

Responding to the government’s launch of daily data including care home deaths, Professor Martin Green OBE, CEO of Care England, told CHP: “One of the challenges in this pandemic is that we have not had real-time data, and this has meant that the NHS and the government were not clear about the impact this pandemic was having in care homes.

“Now our data is included in the daily statistics there is no excuse for the government or the NHS to ignore social care.”

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  1. I am a Registered Manager of a care home on merseyside..So I understand how hard my staff and other homes all work hard. You have to see it to believe how caring Healthcarers are , i have to say plus Managers and staff that have been in work and , not been off at all . They have all been superb and very supportive.. I myself had had some lovely thankyou,s from my staff and two bouqet of flowers, plus a bottle of wine. Familys have thanked all our Team,and praised them for looking after the well being of there loved ones in this Lockdown difficulty. . My concern is the testing being done is not getting done, too many lies . Goverment say they have been helping us from the beginning, which is a load of rubbish , and that testing has been happening from the beginning which also is not true..

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