HC-One warns of financial impact of coronavirus

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The UK’s largest care home provider, HC-One, has warned that a decline in occupancy and higher costs has left it struggling to meet loan repayments.

In its latest financial accounts the care home operator said if the current worst predictions on occupancy and payroll costs proved correct there would be a “significant impact” on its profitability and cashflows and it would require bank support on deferring loan repayments.

The provider added: “The directors consider the specific downside scenario impact of Covid-19 on the group’s occupancy levels and cash flows to be so significant that it represents a material uncertainty that may cast significant doubt on the group’s . . . ability to continue as a going concern.”

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The Guardian has reported that HC-One has asked councils to continue paying it at 90% occupancy rates after modelling predicted that its occupancy would reduce from 90% to 70% by July.

It reported HC-One has lost 637 residents and three care workers with COVID-19 symptoms with its current death rate three times higher last year and its highest on record.

Thirty residents and 27 staff members have tested positive for the virus at the company’s Home Farm care home on the Isle of Skye. Two residents have sadly passed away.

An HC-One spokesman said: “Whilst a number of colleagues are away unwell or self-isolating, we have had the team members required to safely care for all residents with additional support being drawn from our other Scottish homes and the senior regional team.

“We are proud of our colleagues and their courage in rising to the coronavirus outbreak by showing huge dedication and commitment to our residents. We are providing round-the-clock support for all our teams, and we are also grateful to relatives for their ongoing support and understanding.”

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  1. If they had taken the correct measures at the beginning and looked after their staff and residents properly they wouldn’t have so many empty rooms. They were very efficient at sending out my mothers final bill after she passed away from suspected Covid 19 but not so efficient at keeping the infection from spreading through the Care Home or keeping families informed of the number of cases and deaths which they seemed very eager to cover up.

    1. Have to agree . A lot of care homes do seem to have been caught with their pants down.
      Too slow to react

  2. We shut down our home a week and half before the rest of the uk under instructions from head office. . We have been symptom free and no cases since closing the doors, and as a team we have been 100% committed to the safety of everyone in our home Both staff and residents. We have had no end of support and information daily if not hourly as it’s come through from the company that has supported us both with the best practice in this situation and also the welfare of the staff. As a company I can not fault Hc-one for the support information and never ending supplying of PPE. It is unfortunate that this awful virus had found its way into some of our care homes and is not forgiving in its rapid spread.. until you have to work in these situations with fear for yourself and those you love and care for as if they were your own family And risk your own health and those of the people you are going hone to I would please ask that you refrain from commenting that any home has dealt with this inefficiently, the spread of this virus is rapid. I’m sure every care home in the company has done its upmost to ensure the safety of everyone living and working in these homes. We have an obligation to inform you of an outbreak in a home where you may have a relative. We have no obligation to inform you of how many deaths Have occurred in any home. What failed us is that the government and health care service were eager to focus on the NHS frontline and failed to see that care homes And social care providers were housing the most vulnerable people also..

  3. I work for hc-one and through this awful time with Covid-19 we have done our best to keep on top of this pandemic, yes we did lose a few service users, which is heartbreaking, people need to know we look after elderly people with a lot of under lying illnesses, don’t think it’s fare that we have been picked out of all care companies saying that we didn’t act quickly, when we did, we did close the homes before the government advice, PPE was put in place straight away and we have had full support from our nurses, management to the people at the top, I’m sure if you was to look into Bupa or Blossom care company they never actually acted as Quick as Hc-one has, just cause we are a big company don’t feel that these figures are as bad as they are, I would recommend Hc-one, full support with mental health for staff, aswell as other support, we can talk to the CEO personally, where other companies you don’t see management entering their homes during this pandemic. I have worked in care for over 23 years and hand on heart I can say that I’m proud to work for Hc-one

  4. My father died of covid after living in a HC one home and they banned all visitors on the 12 March. So I never got to see him after that date. On the 13 April I had a call in the early hours from a very concerned carer to say dad was having difficulty breathing and was in distress.. The ambulance was there. 3 days later he died. I never heard from the Home again and feel that they were avoiding me. I never knew how he caught it but I did hear that at least 5 others had died from the same Home. I cannot believe the the manager couldn’t even bring herself to contact me or send her condolences.. Even when I collected his belongings she didn’t even speak to me. They were left in the foyer for me to collect. I was very upset and hurt

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