HC-One ‘outraged’ at Scottish Labour and GMB Union PPE claims

Castle View

Leading care home operator HC-One has expressed its outrage at Scottish Labour Party and GMB Union allegations it had withheld PPE from staff at a home where the deaths of eight people have been linked to the coronavirus.

The UK’s largest care home provider accused the organisations of “political point scoring” after GMB regional secretary Gary Smith wrote to Dumbarton MSP Jackie Baillie alleging that protective masks at Castle View care home (pictured) had been “locked away by management, and staff were told they did not need to use them”.

Scotland organiser Kirsty Nimmo said the GMB had seen further information making further “serious claims” of shortages of nursing staff and bullying and harassment of staff at the care home.

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Ms Baillie said HC-One had “serious questions to answer” and the CQC needed to investigate the matter urgently.

In its response, HC-One said it was “outraged” that Scottish Labour had not had the courtesy of getting in touch before making the claims which it said were “categorically untrue”.

An HC-One spokesperson added: “The home is well stocked with thousands of items of PPE that are available to all colleagues. Our home manager has been professional, effective and has treated the situation with the utmost seriousness throughout the outbreak. We have always had appropriate staff numbers on duty, including nurses. Our organisation has, and continues to provide, all possible support to our colleagues on the front line who are doing an exceptional job every single day.

“All of this could have been evidenced to the Scottish Labour Party, had they had the courtesy to contact us first, and we’ll be urgently writing to them to complain about their conduct.”

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  1. My girlfriend works in another HC1 home and she to has not been given a mask to wear. They are locked up in the managers office and she was told they don’t need to wear them as no one had been diagnosed with COVID however a resident who has been taken to hospital has been tested and confirmed as having it but still no masks

  2. My partner is also an employee at another HC ONE care home.
    I would like to raise concerns for this home in the same way Castle View Care home has been reported. The manager of the home had masks under lock and key. Herself and other colleagues have raised it with her that they should all be using them. She has told them that no one can wear them in their home as it will scare the residents. She has told them that they cannot wear them until someone shows symptoms… By this point it is clearly going to be too late and will spread amongst their most vulnerable residents like wildfire. I know my partner and her colleagues , are all deeply worried about the residents, their own health and our families health who will contract it when they go back home.
    Something needs to be done about this as they cannot they cannot keep working in an environment where every one of of them are at risk.

  3. The general public really need to educate themselves as to what constitutes appropriate PPE. Does anyone really believe that in a global pandemic where there are unbelievable shortages of all PPE that it is acceptable to be wearing it when it is not required? I have seen some gross misuse of PPE by those first time joggers that we are all seeing pounding the streets all of a sudden and it beggars belief that they think they have a say in how healthcare staff look after people with Covid. I work in a care home and I am proud to say my manager is managing the PPE and I trust her to do so. I would rather have masks to wear when there is an outbreak than be wearing them now for no reason and add to the already desperate situation in the hospitals. Get a grip and stop being so selfish.

  4. I believe 94% of care homes are run by the private sector charging residents between £800 and £2000 per week. In this time of crisis why are the media stating that the government should be funding and finding all the shortage of PPE that apparently care homes cannot supply. The profit margins must be massive so should the care homes not be reinvesting some of their profits in supplying their staff with appropriate PPE.

  5. This care home did same my family member even brought one from home and was bullied to take out. Even at current they have just face mask, no further ppe and working with unmasked residents. What about 2 meter rule and also visors and mask if can’t keep the distance? They don’t care about their staff. Mask art to be kept out staff use 1 mask for 12 hours…embarrassing.

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