HC-One facing legal threat over COVID deaths at Scottish care home

Home Farm

HC-One is facing potential legal action over the deaths of residents from COVID-19 at a care home in Scotland.

Ten people died with COVID-19 symptoms at Home Farm care home on the Isle of Skye at the height of the pandemic.

PBW Law said it was representing families of three residents who had died at the service, the BBC reported.

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Legal company Leigh Day added it was investigating potential legal action on behalf of families in Scotland and England.

The news came after NHS Highland announced it was purchasing Home Farm earlier this month.

NHS Highland had supported the home after an inspection in May revealed significant levels of concern.

The Care Inspectorate had previously applied to cancel the care home’s registration following an inspection but dropped its application following significant improvements.

A spokesperson for HC-One said: “HC One is only aware of this proposed action through the media statements of Leigh Day and PBW Law.

“The company understands fully the effect of this unprecedented pandemic on our residents, their relatives and our colleagues who have been caring for them. We have utmost sympathy for the distress and loss that has been felt by so many in recent months.

“As a responsible provider, which pays all UK taxes due and works constructively with regulatory and enforcement agencies, any claims will be referred to our Insurers. Therefore, it is not appropriate to make further public comment at this time.”


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  1. Disgusting behaviour from both relatives and the law firms acting on their behalf. Can you really expect a care home in receipt of minimal funding to protect against a global pandemic which even our own governments have no idea how to do so effectively?? I’m not saying there were failings if residents were left for extended periods but let’s be real the staff looking after these residents are overworked, underpaid and struggling through in the most difficult of circumstances. Nothing will change in care homes until the fundamentals change and that starts with appropriate funding. I work for a small care company and Manage a medium size home. We received a directive last week from our local health authority saying we had to start accepting residents from hospital prior to receipt of a negative Covid test. It basically says isolate for 14 days and you will get your result when you get it. Have you ever tried to isolate a resident with dementia? Good luck.

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