Specialist provider of workforce management solutions RITEQ speaks to workforce management thought leader and author of The Digital Workforce: The 5-Step Methodology to a Smarter Workforce, Jarrod McGrath

Jarrod has dedicated most of his professional working career to driving people efficiencies in business. Jarrod is the founder of Smart WFM, an advisory and implementation consultancy dedicated to providing people-related business improvement through a customer-centric lens. Jarrod has recently published his first book, The Digital Workforce. This book is a first of its type globally as it focuses on the business impacts of moving to a digital workforce along with defining a 5 step method for you to transform and adopt your digital workforce initiatives.

Jarrod speaks about the issues faced by the care home sector across UK and Australia and the need for care organisations to move more quickly to a digital workforce in order to optimise the workforce and reduce labour costs.

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Some of the issues discussed include:

  • Removing manual processes and workarounds
  • Digitising time and attendance
  • Having greater visibility of the entire pool of available resources across different facilities and even different types of care
  • Greater visibility of labour costs
  • Reducing the number of sources of data
  • Discusses centralized rostering or decentralized rostering

To learn more about Jarrod’s guide to workforce management, click here.

To buy The Digital Workforce: The 5-Step Methodology to a Smarter Workforce, Jarrod McGrath click here.

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